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Get the best contemporary gospel music from your desktop

Now we have published the Windows Sidebar Gadget for You-Go! Praise Radio.

This mini program allows you to switch the radio on and off by just clicking on a symbol on your desktop, without opening your browser or loading a website.

The speaker symbols allow volume controlling independant from your windows volume control panel.

Clicking the logo of You-Go! Praise Radio leads you to our website.

Click on the play or pause symbol to switch the radio on or off. If you click on the pause button to turn the radio off the gadget disconnected from the internet.

If you click on the play button the mini program is connecting to the live broadcast.

Move your mouse pointer over the gadget and you will see a small menu on the right border. The pointed box moves the gadget. The spanner opens the help box from where you can also select whether the gadget starts playing the radio automatically on Windows start or not.

Enjoy listening to You-Go! Praise Radio!




(0) Download the file.

(1) Right-click onto the file "You-Go! Praise Radio 1.3.gadget"

(2) Left-click on "open with".

(3) Click on "Windows gadgets".

(4) Within the opening window confirm by clicking "install".

(5) If another window open indicating something like "unknown publisher", confirm with "yes",

(6) Now the gadget should appear on the windows sidebar of your desktop.