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Music never before made

Gospel Music from Japan

From the nation often referred to as the "rising sun",
there will arise a rand new type of music,
with a promise to shine throughout the nations.
The total number of members are 13,
all having different titles and careers brought together by an unchanging spirit.
They include students, opera singers, traditional Japanese music players,
Taiko drummers, and LA-residing rappers, all in one accord.
It is a timeless truth, an aroma to the soul; it is real worship.










































1700 plus years ago, there was a tribe that traveled from the very west of the silk road to the far east end, Japan, as they brought all their people, tens of thousands of them, as well as the rulers of the people.

There were the ones that eventually made the foundation of the spirit of Japan, the Rising Sun. The Rising Sun is now part of the First World, boasting one of the largest economies of the world, all the while withholding to the reputation of being mystic, thanks to the contribution that this tribe had made in the consolidation of Japan’s foundation. The people who composed the tribe were ancient Jews, who were also orthodox eastern Christians.

The name of the tribe was the Hatashi’s.

The Japanese tradition and the Japanese soul has, in its core, the Gospel that worships the God Almighty. The faith that the Hatashi’s brought became a unique religion in Japan, still practiced and known as Shinto, still being passed down from generation to generation. The outcry of the Japanese soul through Shinto has been the mainstream decades and millenniums before Buddhism was imported to Japan. The Japanese are a people who worship God in their tradition and in their life style, without recognizing what it truly is that their actions signify.

The prevalent knowledge of the Japanese is about to be overturned and the mystery of what lies beneath all that is considered common knowledge is about to be unveiled.




















Heavense is a Gospel unit composed by Marre and Kumiko, but was prompted to start its activities by through the recommendation of the King of Gospel, Andrae Crouch. Currently, a project for a production of a record has been initiated by the King that meshes Japanese soul music and Gospel music into an art form previously not existing.